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Strength training Hex Bar with opening WR1002

Short Description:

Code: WR1002

–Excellent balance during training.

–Stainless steel sleeves to prevent scratches.

–Thin and fat grips are both available.

–Grips with knurling.

–Nylon protection at bottom for easier plate loading.

–Total length 2160mm.

–Product weight 36 kgs.

Product Detail

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This “opening six angle bar” is a strength training equipment specialized for exercising your muscle strength, flexibility and stability.  It is ideal for beginner or intermediate level athletes.

Product Parameters: The opening six angle bar is made of high-quality stainless steel with a comfortable handle for easy gripping.  It is light weight and easy to store.  We guarantee safety and reliability with our double-layer product structure.

Product Application Scenarios: The opening six angle bar is suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels.  It can be used to exercise a variety of muscle groups including the shoulders, chest and back muscles, abdomen, arms and legs etc.

Suitable Users: Anybody who wants to improve their muscle strength, flexibility and balance can use the opening six angle bar.

Usage Method: The opening six angle bar can be used in various ways to achieve different training goals.  For instance, it can be used for dynamic full body training, push-ups and planks.  You can also use the opening six angle bar to develop strength in your arm and leg muscles, or to improve your core stability.

Product Structure: The opening six angle bar is simple to use and consists of the following components: a removable handle for increased comfort and grip;  a double-layer metal frame for improved stability;  and a tightening nuts for further resistance and tension adjustment.

Material: The opening six angle bar is made of high-quality stainless steel, which is strong and durable.  Its long-lasting construction is designed to provide excellent stability and support during exercise sessions.

This six-angle bar opening strength training tool is the perfect choice to build upper body strength and core strength while providing a safe and comfortable workout.  This is an ideal exercise tool for those who are looking to improve their physical strength and stay fit.


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