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Sandwich J cup for Power Racks

Short Description:


–8mm thick and full size steel plate.

–Excellent robot welding with nice welding track.

–Stainless steel pin to prevent scratches

–Thick nylon insert for heavier weights

–Available on 75mm square tube with 21m holes

–Insert color available for black and red

–Custom printing on the packing is available.

–Custom color is available.

–Weight 7.5 KG per pair

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Sandwich J cup for Power Racks is simply the BEST J Cup, bar none! It is designed with user safety in mind, featuring a sturdy frame and solid construction. Its unique sandwich design consists of two stacks of steel tubes that provide a stable, wide-stance for secure weight loading. Durable plastic frames with heavy-duty rubber coating provide secure friction lock, to prevent rack bounce and movement during lifts – making it the perfect j cup for lifting heavy weights safely.

The sandwich J cup is strong and stable, accommodating any heavy-duty use - from powerlifting, to Olympic lifts. It is compatible with many rack base systems, including power racks, power towers, squat racks, and more. It is great for huge farmers carries, pull-ups and any other exercise. The cup is also available in several sizes, so you can choose the right size for your fitness level and weight.

The sandwich J cup is made with a heavy duty and corrosion resistant steel frame, with a durable powder coating. The rubber coating helps to minimize any scratching or peeling, making it last longer and look better, even after extensive use. Inside the frame is a secure, 1/2″ nut to hold it tightly in place. The secure nut helps create a strong connection between the j cup and rack - so you can feel confident when lifting heavy weights.

This J cup is designed to be easy to use, with a quick and simple installation process. All you need to do is attach the base to the rack, then secure the cup with a few simple bolts. It also comes with a convenient eyelet, so you can attach a safety strap for added security. With this J cup, you can be sure that you are getting a strong, secure hold for all your lifting needs.

Whether you're a serious weightlifter or just starting out, the Sandwhich J cup for Power Racks is the perfect choice for secure weight loading. It is a durable and reliable piece of equipment, with a secure and simple installation process. Get the confidence and security you need to safely lift your heaviest weights, with the Sandwich J cup for Power Racks.


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