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Krypton Competition Plate TR1001

Short Description:

Code: TR1001

100% natural rubber

450mm outer diameter(IWF standards)

Solid stainless steel insert

Available weight 5–25kgs/10–55lbs

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Competition Plate has become an increasingly popular way to improve athletic performance and make sure athletes are competing at their best. Competition Plates have a wide variety of benefits that can help athletes take their game to the next level.

One major benefit of using Competition Plates is that they provide a consistent weight throughout each lift, allowing for more accurate tracking of progress over time and better results in competitions. This helps ensure that all competitors are on the same playing field when it comes to weightlifting or other strength-based activities. Additionally, with the use of multiple plates, athletes can further customize their routine, allowing them to focus on specific muscle groups or adjust their weights accordingly as they gain strength and agility during training sessions.

Another benefit associated with competition plates is improved safety during workouts because they reduce the risk of injury due to incorrect loading or improper form during lifts. Furthermore, these types of plates also provide greater control over barbell movements which increases stability while performing exercises such as squats or deadlifts for example. This ensures correct posture and proper form so that muscles get worked effectively without putting too much pressure on any one part of the body – reducing fatigue from excessive strain overall.

Finally, using Competition Plates allows athletes to track their progress from session-to-session since all lifts will be done under similar conditions regardless if its indoors or outdoors; this makes comparing past performances easier and gives athletes an idea about how much work needs to be put into improving themselves even further for future events/competitions etcetera. As such, having access to this type of information helps motivate individuals by giving them tangible goals that can be achieved through hard work and dedication over time – leading towards higher levels success both in sports & life overall!

Overall, incorporating Competition Plates into training sessions provides numerous advantages ranging from increased safety & accuracy when lifting weights right up until improved tracking capabilities; helping everyone involved stay ahead in terms not only physical prowess but mental discipline too!


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