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Gym Multi Storage Rack KP1508

Short Description:

Code: kp1508

–Four tier storage rack.

–A custom setup for each shelf is acceptable.

–Steel tube thickness 3mm.

–Steel sheet thickness 4mm.

Length 196cm

Width 60cm

Height 200cm

Product Detail

Product Tags

This kind of storage shelf adopts professional imported steel pipe, light and stable, tensile strength reaches more than 30kg, high compressive strength, can be adjusted according to the requirements of the storage shelf height, suitable for various sizes of users; Light weight, removable, easy to carry, does not take up space, reusable, environmental protection and durable; Super light structure, save space.

Product application scenarios:

This multifunctional storage shelf is mainly used in integrated gyms, can be placed fitness equipment, yoga mat, or as body mechanics training fitness equipment, to meet the professional athletes and ordinary people for strength training.

Applicable group:

This multifunctional storage shelf is suitable for indoor and outdoor activities in professional gyms, as well as fitness activities for ordinary people, mainly for indoor and outdoor weight loss, strength improvement, shape training and other activities, users of all ages can use.

How to use:

This multifunctional storage shelf is simple and convenient to use. First, the pipe fitting is gently padded on the flat ground to avoid tilt, and then the Angle of the storage shelf can be adjusted according to the actual demand; Then put fitness equipment or yoga mat and other items on the storage shelf, so as not to move, the items fall.

Product structure introduction:

This multifunctional storage shelf is made of Taiwan steel stainless steel, compact structure, four supports can effectively disperse the pressure around, can be adjusted according to user requirements; The lower part is equipped with four perforated panels, which can be used to fix the storage shelf firmly and prevent displacement during movement.

Material introduction:

This multifunctional storage shelf adopts imported high-strength steel, high strength, strong static load resistance, not easy to deformation; Panel using perforated steel plate, surface paint, environmental protection and anti fouling.


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